Costa Rican Construction Inspector, Tom Rosenberger is a highly skilled bi-lingual professional, with over 30 years of land development and construction experience.

Tom enables his clients to “See Beyond the Obvious” before committing to the purchase of housing and land in Costa Rica. He is a legal resident of Costa Rica and has lived here since 1992, inspecting, building and remodeling homes and condominiums, along with developing land into building lots.

Tom Rosenberger has lived and worked in Costa Rica for 23 years and from his travels throughout the country inspecting property and construction he has acquired a wealth of knowledge that helps his clients to see beyond the obvious when purchasing land and housing. If you would like to contact Tom you can send him an email at; tom@CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com.

In Costa Rica, the construction standards and zoning regulations as well as the culture are different than in North America and Europe. If you want to avoid construction problems in your new home, call Tom Rosenberger at 506-8364-1989. He speaks your native language, and he can explain to you what you might be getting yourself into with your purchase.

You can visit www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com for more information.



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