El Niño Impacts 2016 Weather Forecasts

According to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), this year will be warmer and dryer than usual. The forecast stated that this dryness is due to El Niño and its effects will be felt throughout Costa Rica during 2016.


Additionally, the decrease in rainfall will have negative effects on agricultural production, and the effect of drought will greatly impact the Central Valley and the Northern Pacific and on a smaller scale, the Central Pacific, North and South Pacific.

The typical periods of dryness in Costa Rica are normal and referred to historically as the;

  • “Veranillos de San Juan” (June)
  • “Canícula” (July)
  • “Canícula” (August)

For centuries, farmers have relied on these climatic dry periods in the weather, to harvest and re-plant their crops.The IMN stated that their projections should be anticipated, but there is no way to know what type of impact they will actually have in Costa Rica.

The writer, Tom Rosenberger has lived and worked in Costa Rica for 23 years, inspecting land, homes, condominiums and commercial buildings for people who want to purchase existing property or build new construction. If you would like to contact Tom you can send him an email at; tom@CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com.


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