Construction Issues That Will Require Repairs

Nobody wants problems with a new home purchase. In Costa Rica, the construction standards and zoning regulations as well as the culture are different than in North America and Europe.  If you notice any of the following issues during your tour of a property, call an experienced home inspector who speaks your native language, so he can explain to you what you might be getting yourself into with your purchase.


Surface does not appear level

Low pitch allows accumulation of moisture

Cracked tiles

Gaps between metal laminates and ridge caps

Debris in valleys or gutters

Soffits or fascias have water stains or seams are visible

Mismatched sections where repairs may have been made

Inside the attic light enters through gaps and/or musty odor

Roof structure corrosion or deterioration in attic

Small gutters or downspouts

Trees that come into contact with roof surface


Visible exterior cracks

Uneven cracks in driveway or sidewalk

Water accumulation

Ground slopes toward the home

Gaps where foundation meets the ground

Large tree roots visible

Floors not level

Doors and windows don’t close completely


Peeling or mismatched sections of paint

Water stains or mold on exterior surfaces

Cracks where moisture can enter

Loose or rotted trim around door and window openings

Gaps or lack of caulking around doors and windows


Dripping faucets or toilet water running

Water drains slowly

Water stains or mold under sinks and toilets

Lack of U trap drains

Odors from sink and shower drains

Lack of ventilation

Low water pressure

Noises in walls or ceilings when faucets are turned on and off

Shower head connected to electrical wiring


Breaker panels have corrosion

Breakers are not adequate

Exposed and/or undersized wiring

Wiring is taped together

Outlets are not grounded

Lights dim when appliances are turned on

Lack of GFCI plugs near water outlets

It’s wise to protect yourself by keeping a close eye out for any of the above construction issues when considering purchasing a home in Costa Rica.  Some of these issues can lead to expensive repairs or replacement and these types of surprises can greatly affect new homeowner’s budgets. If you are not able to check for any of the above issues, do yourself a big favor and obtain a home inspection and detailed report before closing. You can review more detailed information at:


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