Construction Inspector, Tom Rosenberger

TR 4.6KbTom is a highly skilled bi-lingual professional, with over 30 years of land development and construction experience, and he enables his clients to “See Beyond the Obvious” before committing to the purchase of housing and land in Costa Rica. He is a legal resident of Costa Rica and has lived here since 1992, building and remodeling homes and condominiums, along with developing land into building lots. Over the past 23 years in Costa Rica, Tom has performed numerous inspections of homes and condominiums, detailing the current condition of the construction as well as providing repair and/or replacement recommendations.

TR Inspection

Additionally, Tom has learned to work with Costa Rican architects, tradesmen, government officials, and investors in resolving situations that occur during land development and construction projects. Put simply, there are few problems that he has not encountered in his broad experience. He is therefore in a unique position to provide his clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when considering living or conducting business in Costa Rica.

  • I can assure you that I will help you determine if the land you are contemplating is appropriate for building the housing you have envisioned.
  • If you are considering the purchase of existing housing, my inspection and detailed reports will give you all the specifications and costs you will need to determine if the dwelling you are interested in has been completed properly according to the local building codes and standards your accustomed to.

If you would like to review samples of Costa Rica Property Inspection Reports and pricing click here.


  • Considering the purchase of land and want to insure it is suitable for building
  • Own existing property and wish to build a home
  • Considering the purchase of housing and want to make sure that all building materials and installation procedures have been 100% completed, prior to closing.
  • Currently own or want to purchase existing housing for renovation


  • Inspection of raw land and developed lots to determine if the property is suitable to construct the housing you envision.
  • Inspection of existing housing to determine the current state of construction and detail incomplete installations or defects and their associated costs to complete, repair or replace.

The writer, Tom Rosenberger has lived and worked in Costa Rica for 23 years, inspecting land, homes, condominiums and commercial buildings for people who want to purchase existing property or build new construction. If you would like to contact Tom you can send him an email at;


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